Thursday, March 03, 2005

Incredible Opportunity to Create New Generation of Leadership

UPDATE: For April, 2007, Karen Spillers is endorsed.

Here's a letter in my mail that promises just that opportunity. It's complete with return envelope for a contribution, urging me to vote for Karen Spillers for the Wilmette Village Board. I know the letter writers, but I don't know what they think is important in a candidate. The letter tells me that the candidate would be an excellent addition to the board, that she has lived in Wilmette for 15 years, that her knowledge of marketing will assist the board with business development. She belongs to a club in town (named) and participates in her church (unnamed). She needs my help.

Having written half a year of taxes earlier this week, all I am interested in is what will a candidate do to keep taxes from continuing their out-of-control upward spiral. No information about that.

In short, this could be an excellent candidate. Too bad so much money was spent on postage trying to get me to support her with no reason why I should.

The days are gone when a thinking person will vote for someone without knowing their biases and prejudices and values. And I am a thinking person.


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