Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Anti NATO People in Chicago

Anti NATO Protesters, and then some
On Friday, many of the citizens of Wilmette worked from home instead of going downtown to work, and they will be doing the same again on Monday. There are very few eyewitness reports from family, friends, and neighbors about the anti-NATO protesters because not many people from Wilmette have been downtown. There is plenty of video at the websites of local news outlets, however, and links from Twitter to photos and videos. If  one thing is clear, many protesters are actively seeking confrontation with the police.

Many protesters seem to be screaming at the police at the top of their lungs that "We are peaceful protesters," which must be very tiring for everyone.  There are reports of the tires of one police van being slashed, and police bikes knocked down. There are many videos of a protester in front of a police van, and it isn't clear whether he was in front of the van when it started moving or whether he was seeking confrontation and placed himself in front of it. There seems to be a sense of general outrage among the protesters that anyone has been detained or arrested.

Today there was a big photo op at Grant Park at 9 AM. At 10:30 there will be a rally, followed by a march toward McCormick Place, where the NATO Summit is being held.  At the Rally, the Uzbeki's will be out protesting their government, and lots of people will be protesting the closure of Chicago Health Clinics and Foreclosures. It appears the public gatherings are a sort of shopping mall of grievances; if you have one, there's still time to head to Grant Park with a sign.  Its a great day as far as the weather goes, although it could get a little hot.

On Friday, the police were practically handing out water bottles they were so friendly.  Last night this declined into some confrontations as protesters grew more angry, more vocal, and more physical. What will happen today is completely unknown.

 Twitter, at the #noNATO hashtag, provides some interesting reading, and some is quite poetic. I've put together a few into a brief poem:

Welcome, Nato, to Chicago's police state
"The Police do NOT serve We the People
 - they are paramilitary enforcers of the Elites that have been trained to enslave us all.
Visiting Rahm's house, police violence, your humble hosts almost arrested.

May 20, 2012 will be written about in the history books.
Where will you be today while history is being made?
Welcome to Chicago, delegates, where police pull guns on journalists
And search the places where they sleep.

Enjoy your stay!
Confirm your primary sources before spreading info. Keep the misinform low.
The time will come when our silence will be more powerful
Than the voices you strangle today.

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