Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11, Again

Eleven years since 9/11, and little has been solved. The US military slogs across the vast wasteland of Afghanistan with unknown effect. Security concerns for flying in airplanes means every passenger is now tainted by the the new Original Sin. The families of the victims of 9/11 still are without their loved ones, and I pay tribute to Michael Grady Jacobs and Carl Molinaro.

Monday, September 10, 2012

OMG: Chicago Teacher's Strike Leads to Prayer While Children Present

The picture, above, picturing a number of pastors praying with school childen, is from a fabulous group of pictures of the Chicago Teachers' Strike at the Chicago Tribune website.  I think it a great idea that every student has been assigned to a "safe haven" where they can go (since schools are closed due to the strike) if they can't stay at home during the day.  Of course, when you have to find plenty of spots where children can be cared for (they can't be taught, because that is against the law in Illinois for anyone other than a certified teacher), its not surprising that several churches ended up in the mix, since so many are well equipped with spaces where people can gather.

This church, the Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago, might not be an official Chicago Public School gathering spot. Let's hope not; as we all know from the media, involving children in school-based prayer could be very, very dangerous. Maybe the danger is less if they are not being taught. Whatever the case may be, I imagine these children had a very nice day and hopefully learned something valuable that can't be taught at school.