Friday, August 26, 2005

Latest Word on Trustees

This just in from a correspondent in the field:

The supposed stellar example of public-private partnership in affordable senior housing is collapsing. Perhaps the village will pass another ordinance.

But who will protect us from the village?

Here is the Wilmette Life article (first revealed in village board meetings last fall, but only now, post-election, receiving coverage)


Tree Laws

Now the Village has decided we need a tree ordinance. People will no longer be allowed to cut down large trees in their yard when the urge strikes them. Is this some sort of due process for foliage? The Trustees don’t even trust us, the citizens, to run our own lives and homesteads in a sensible manner. Meanwhile, there are so many trees in Wilmette, some children are deprived of healthful sunlight if they are allowed to play only in their own yards. Is this crazy or what? Leave your comments here.