Thursday, January 12, 2006

Barbie's Wardrobe Malfunction

Worrisome and disappointing news. Our old pal, Barbie, the doll with an outfit for every occasion, has really goofed. Seems that Barbie's failure to have a hijab has put her out of business in the Middle East, where imposter Fulla is selling like crazy as a present for Eid. If clothes make the woman, no one has been as versatile as Barbie over the years. Somehow Barbie failed to get the memo on this one, but the Chinese factory that supplies both dolls is blissfully manufacturing away. Frankly, Barbie, I'm disappointed in you. But its not too late! Quick, will you PLEASE consider covering up right away before Mattel loses France, too? Frankish Fulla just won't work there--her lack of your clever sense of style is likely to distress those jeunes filles who could do a side-by-side comparison here.


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