Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Strange

A commercial website has added a t-shirt featuring one of the now infamous cartoons to its line of political t-shirts. The outfit is located in California, and judging from what they offer, their customers are in the USA. Nevertheless, they have angered the islamic world. The website carries a selection of the emails send to them by the Offended along with their wares. A few notes are polite requests that likely would get a sympathetic hearing, such as:

"I am a muslim living in Turkey. I have been very sad when i saw your Mohammed cartoons t-shirts. Perhaps, you will be able to selling these products, but are you aware of how you hurted our hearts?" and

"Dear sir:
Can you please stop to sell The Mohammed Cartoon T Shirt . Thanks"

Some of the letters are just plain threatening, and certainly illustrate why there is a growing us vs. them mentality:

"You are dead mother f*cker. We will keep you staying sometimes and will send you to the HELL. See you next month in your house." and

"Will you stop??? We are coming *sshole. You are dead do you know this."

Then again, a number of the letters are just very, very strange. One example:

By the way I am a Liberian Muslim, who start pray after your "message", I just pray to god ask him to metamorphose people like you as he done with Jewish before, "metamorphosed them to monkeys and hogs".

For an interesting commentary on the current situation, you might be interested in reading this. For those who believe that there is nothing new under the sun, their reading should start here.


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