Monday, June 26, 2006

Corn Fed Cars
Turning Dreams into Reality

Readers know I've been dreaming of corn fed cars for quite some time now, and with hopes that Illinois' most beautiful crop will be knee high next week, there there are two news items today with great promise.

First, President Bush reaffirmed his support of ethanol. Second, two former executives from Archer Daniels Midland have founded a new company in Kansas City which will which will be capable of producing 220 million gallons of ethanol a year by 2008. While the plants probably will be built in Iowa, I also dream of the great midwest revitalized by fuel.

With gas at $3.109 at the Shell on Ridge, its time to get going on alternative car fuel made of corn. If you haven't visited the Cornulator yet, it's a fun way to pass a few minutes. Or just click here to find out about the Illinois Corn Grower's Association.

Note: this blog will not financially benefit from corn, except in savings at the local gas pump.


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