Friday, September 08, 2006

Marshall Field's: Protest Saturday Morning

Meet me under the Macy's clock? Never!

For those of us who really suffered when the Chicago's venerable Marshall Field & Co. department store morphed into the cheeky Marshall Field's, the latest assault on Chicago by New York's Macy's is a flags-at-half-staff event.

Thankfully, there is one last chance to meet under the Marshall Field's clock, and it's for a cause well worth your time. This Saturday, on September 9, 2006, meet under the Marshall Field's clock at 9:00 am to let people know you want to shop at Field's, not Macy's.

You can view video about the planned protest here. The protest is led by Jim McKay, who is not happy with the name change. His website, is a gem. Further information about the protest is available by clicking here, but you don't really need to do that.

Just show up by 9:30 under the clock, wear MF&Co green if possible, look serious and well dressed as would be expected of a fan of Marshall Field's. Take a City of Chicago Flag is you have one, a Marshall Field's shopping bag, and a sign if you wish. You might want to take the kids for a memory that will last for the rest of the century.

Oh, I suppose if by chance you have any memorabilia from Field and Lieter it might be a good time to take it with you.


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