Monday, November 27, 2006

Ah Tradition: Final Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Sorry to see the end of Thanksgiving; its always sad to see friends and family depart. We are sustained only by two Thanksgiving mysteries, one of which is likely solved, the other remains elusive.

Thanksgiving Mystery #1: Why is all Thanksgiving food so mushy?
Thanksgiving Answer #1: I think its because the oldest female family member usually ends up doing a lot of the cooking. She usually makes the food from her childhood, which back then then was also made by the oldest female relative. That was quite a while ago, of course, back before modern dentistry. Hence, Thanksgiving is the only fancy meal you'll ever eat in the United States which requires absolutely no teeth.

Thanksgiving Mystery #2: Who was Aunt Wilma anyway?
Thansgiving Non-Answer #2: The question actually was a story told at Thanksgiving, of a family, who every year makes Aunt Wilma's casserole, a variation of the green bean casserole, but with corn and green beans, and Cheez-its substituted for french fried onions. They love Aunt Wilma's casserole. its their favorite; but upon reflection the entire family realized that none of them ever had an Aunt Wilma! In fact, even the elderly relatives couldn't even think of anyone they ever knew who was named Wilma. The moral: You may be forgotten, but make a good casserole, and at least people will talk about you.

Ah tradition!

One final thought: The former Chief Curator of Plimoth Plantation has an excellent article. "The Truth About Thanksgiving Is that the Debunkers Are Wrong," which you should read.


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