Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary's "Presidential" Look

Hillary Clinton has her website for her presidential run up, and I must say something went quite wrong--from a fashion point of view. The choice of clothing for her video seems all fashion faux pas, even though it was likely a result of extensive polling. Looking more like she's running for First Grandma rather than President, Hillary's red-on-black "sleeve seams from hell" look is a shock. It's what every 85 year old well bred lady might have worn duing Hillary's childhood in Park Ridge, minus the pearl button earrings and rich jewel colors.

Wlmette suggest that Hillary's stylists look overseas for inspiration. Both Queen Elizabeth and Angela Merkel have mastered "frump" quite handily, so she need not look far. Its obvious that Hillary's striving for a look that says "I was never involved in Whitewater" while still conveying the message that what the world's children really need is a cookie. Somehow, it just isn't working.

Political fashion scorecard: Obama 1, Hillary 0.


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