Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Go to Bingen and am Disappointed

Did I forget to tell you I finally took my summer vacation? Yes, I realize that it isn't summer any more, but it was more like I finally got around to going.

I went to see the above church in Bingen today. I had been looking forward to visiting that town for many years but it turned out to be very disappointing. Mostly it ended up as a good long walk.

I'll be home in a couple of days, with 500 wonderful pictures to share. That's enough to guarantee that my friends will be avoiding me for months . . . Seriously, though, I do have a few that I hope you will like and I'll be posting them up with a little commentary.

The weather has been mostly grand with the trees just starting to turn. I've had a great time. I've seen some interesting things and some lovely sights, so it has been a good vacation.


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