Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union

I think Washington is getting the message. During the State of the Union speech, both parties seemed to be exercising their very best cordial manners, leading one to think--perhaps--that there just might be a few leaders in Washington who would be able to effect change if some was needed, and possibly work together across party lines. Our Senator in Absentia, Mr. Obama, appeared to be joined at the hip to Mr. Teddy Kennedy throughout, no doubt for better photo ops. Nothing says principled leadership like Teddy Kennedy, I always say. I was sorry to see that Mr. Obama apparently refused to shake hands with Mrs. Clinton; I wasn't too taken with his principled leadership.

It's lucky this isn't a political blog, because during the speech I fell asleep, and I am not sure for how long. I woke up in time to see President Bush leave the chambers, but unfortunately I missed the best line of the evening.


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