Saturday, February 16, 2008

Missing Book Fair Cash and Checks in Wilmette

There is a terrible story making the rounds in Wilmette. It’s about the recent book fair at Romona School and nearly $8,000.00 in missing cash and checks, mostly cash that somehow evaporated into thin air. No one seems to know anything at all, and WBBM has the story. There is the possibility that there is an accounting error.

We remember how through the years, no matter what the activity or class, some parent who I never had heard of would send a note home asking for money for a gift for a teacher or coach, either cash or a check made payable to the parent, please. If you ever called to ask about this, the collector always made you feel like a creep to ask any questions. The amount requested multiplied by the students involved always seemed to be lavish for persons paid for their work. No accounting was ever made of the funds, and no receipts were ever provided. Neither the Park District nor the schools seemed to have any policy, or at least a policy that was enforced, regarding presents to paid personnel.

Over the years I began to wonder if some of these fund collecting efforts were perhaps a bit suspicious. For that reason, I certainly hope that the police will investigate thoroughly, and that the School will provide frequent updates rather than sweeping the matter under the rug. Wilmette may be a nice neighborhood, but there remains the distinct possibility that someone out there isn’t nice at all.


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