Monday, June 02, 2008

Have You Found a Lost Cat in Wilmette or Skokie?

A friend sent me an email and asked if I could post a link to the above cat who has been lost in Wilmette. Her neighbor is desperately looking for the lost cat, whose name is Pounder, and there is further information about the lost cat on the Internet, if you click here. Pounder is a five years old, a neutered male Tabby gray/white mix, weight is 12 pounds, and he is microchipped. While there doesn't seem to be any information about whether or not Pounder has a collar, the owners are asking you to call them if you think you have spotted the cat at (312) 617-2122. My friend not only received a flyer, she saw a poster and got an automatic phone call about the lost cat. Based on what I can figure, the cat was lost in the west part of Wilmette around Skokie Boulevard and Old Glenview Road. Since that is located near northwest Evanston and north Skokie, and not terribly far from south east Glenview, maybe the cat would have wandered over there.

With the abundant amount of birds and wildlife as well as the good weather, Pounder could be living comfortably outside since last week when the cat went missing. We hope the cat and its owner are reunited soon!


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