Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barack Øbama, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Emil Jones, and Change You Can Bank On

Before Barack Øbama even officially wins the nod of his party for President, apparently he has named Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James (that's Ambassador to Great Britain) in grateful appreciation for her good work on behalf of his quest for President. This plum appointment is this considered a #1 ambassadorial job, but will not be effective until Barack Øbama is sworn in. A national election will also take place in the interim. The post was also held by Kennedy-Schlossberg's grandfather under Franklin Roosevelt, and it could fast-track Caroline Kennedy's entry into high-level politics should she be so inclined. The promise of a job long before an election is standard in Chicago politics (where only the primary matters), so Øbama is sticking close to his roots in motivating his workers (including Caroline) to get out the vote.

News of the Kennedy appointment closely follows the announcement by Øbama's mentor, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, that he will be retiring and his son should be appointed to his senate seat. Chicago politicians have been working hard across-the-board to institute a birth-based political aristocracy in Illinois, lest voters grow confused as who to choose. Emil Jones' choice closely follows the appointment of Todd Stroger to the head of the Cook County Board as his father's dying request.

In other news, Barack Øbama has spent more on his campaign in one month (July) than John McCain has spent in his entire election, leading to the conclusion that the consumer-based economy is doing quite well indeed. That's change you can bank on, and no small change at that.
Don't get behind the curve! Keep up with America's future by boning-up on Chicago politics now!

When it comes to family, Chicago's Mayor Daley invokes his dad, Mayor Daley, and one more father-son duo, when commenting on why researchers have been denied access to papers detailing the relationship between Barack Øbama and a terrorist. Read this, then this.


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