Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post Election Projects

We are really suffering at our house after the election, although we are extremely grateful that Mark Kirk won. Hopefully he has sent Dan Seals packing. (And no, that is not Dan Seals to the left, it's Barack Obama.)Since Seals' house in Wilmette's 9th Congressional District is up for sale, we are concerned that he's headed over to better digs in the 10th. That could be a resume builder for Seals whose day job has been "Candidate for Congress" for several years now.

Last night we did crafts and refused to turn on the TV. We are steeling ourselves for the next four years of news, and need to gather our strength. We wrapped a present for our young family member who has a birthday today and another present for a friend who is getting married. We added special bows and cut out pictures to put on the envelopes. It was amazing how good we felt after not discussing the president-elect, the office of the president-elect, the first lady-elect, or the ever more miserable stories about how the Obamas will be choosing a dog.

We are hoping that the first family-elect will take the offer of a hairless, toothless, national dog of Peru. From the recent post-election puff pieces on the first family-elect, it seems that they require owning items just as special as they are. Like most yuppie children, one of the first-children-elect (the one with the Russian name?) has animal allergies, so this Peruvian dog would fit the bill. With the "Office of the President-Elect" rapidly changing its position on lobbyists (and I would note that state lobbyists are not precluded from the Obama team), might I suggest a cute little name for the bald canine, such as Checkers? Nevermind. If and when the pooch arrives, it will likely be named First Dog-Elect, and everyone will be rushing to buy one.

With the election over, we are looking forward to developing interests beyond our recent fascination with the longest campaign in history. We were considering taking up crocheting, but wouldn't you know when we started looking into that we immediately found directions to make a Barack Obama and John McCain finger puppet? That's the Obama finger puppet pictured above to the left. While we briefly considered that we could put the finger puppets to good use as frills on the turkey legs at Thanksgiving and then amuse ourselves after dinner with little skits, we decided that was a bit excessive. We are obviously having a few problems getting over the election, but we know we are on a good path.

Meanwhile, Al Franken seems to be finding votes in Minnesota wherever a Democrat body can think to look. Which reminds me of what a friend used to say, "Publia, don't think Democrats win elections just because there are more of them." Well sometimes there are more of them, of that I am sure, but I do have my doubts about votes that are found just when needed the most.


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