Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rod Blagojevich: Where Were You When You Heard the News?

So where were you when you heard about Rod Blogo- jevich? The news travelled far and wide. I had taken the train above, and had been looking at old half timbered houses. The day had become cold and dreary and a snowstorm had begun. I ducked into a little cafe in old East Germany to warm up. There on the hearth was a newspaper which caught my eye. I took it to my table for a closer look. Al Capone was on the cover, with a phrase that I knew meant "The Chicago System." Under the picture was the question "Mafia Methods?" The first words following that were Rod Blago- jevich. The story was continued inside, and I eagerly opened the paper. I knew there was news of home. And there on the inside was a headline "Macht Zu Geld" with a picture of Governor Blagovich pointing his finger. While I couldn't read the article, the message was clear: something bad must have happened to the Governor. A few days later, after most of the snow had melted, I returned to the Land of Satellite TV and heard the story.
But before I caught CNN, complete with Jesse Jackson, Jr. interviews, I saw a few phrases in the article in that cafe that should have told me everything: "Patrick Fitzgerald," "Obama im Senate," and "Frau Jarrett."


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