Friday, March 20, 2009

Missing Persons at the US Treasury

Just in case you have been wondering about that talk about missing persons at the Treasury Department, here's a statistic to knock your socks off. Eighteen (yes, 18) Treasury Department officials are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. To date, three have been nominated. No hearings have yet been held.

On the US Treasury's web site, the officials listed are those of the Bush administration under Hank Paulson.

But not to worry, President Obama revealed last night on the Tonight Show that he has been practicing, and has increased his bowling score to over 120. I know that fact will help America sleep more soundly at night! (Unless, of course, you're like that friend of one of the younger members of our family with a string of superior work reviews. She called hysterical last night that her boss threatened to fire everyone as of today, and she's not working for a private corporation but a publicly funded agency.)


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