Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ruining Furniture in the White House

Just when I was wondering when the President--who has been busy bowing and scraping his way through Europe and the Americas, followed by US campaign appearances--sleeps, the answer is in. You can see it above.  Just click the picture if you need a better view. You will notice that he is ruining a perfectly good chair that belongs to the taxpayers. Another  chair is cleverly placed to his right, hiding the fact that he is also ruining a perfectly good table. If you ever wondered whether the President was raised right, this is your answer. While this posture is known well among those who like a quick snooze, fans of the president term it "silent reflection." Probably to avoid the obvious: Timothy Geitner and economics bore him to death. In the interests of preserving that relic of the past--furniture acutually made in the USA--would someone please get him a chair that tilts?


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