Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Post Election Update in Iran: It's All Online

It's day five of post-election protest activity in Iran, where (take your choice) civil unrest, a revolution, or a government crackdown is taking place, possibly all three happening at once. In a country where the vast majority of the population is young, it appears that the "revolution" will be blogged, vlogged. Youtubed, Flickred, Twittered, Picfogged, and wikied all by citizen reporters (and foreign commentators), and even--in a nod to yesterday's technology-- faxed and message boarded. In fact, Twitter is so popular, at one time yesterday over 200,000 "tweets" were measured in one hour, although many of those posts are by revolution sympatizers outside the country. Foreign reporters have been expelled from the country, but the New York Times Lede blog is attempting to put the information together in a journalistic fashion with frequent updates as is the Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan. Do take a look at some of the links; it is pretty interesting!


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