Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Napolitano Must Go

It was April 14, 2009 when this blog first called for Janet Napolitano's resignation as head of Homeland Security. Today we renew that call. Ms. Napolitano's continued tenure is a menace to the American public, not to mention to the political fortunes of her boss, the President. We further call for the Obama administration--which is losing its popular mandate--to take Ms. Napolitano aside and convince her to resign as quickly as possible.

President Obama, who took as long to respond to the Christmas terrorist attack on an airplane on its way to Detroit as his predecessor took to mount an effective response to Hurricane Katrina, should realize he is as ill served by Napolitano as President Bush was by the incompetent "Brownie." It sends the wrong message to the American public for its President to pay more attention to a cut on the chin of pal Eric Whitaker's son, than responding to a renewed interest on the part of foreign terrorists to rob innocent members of the American public of their lives. Allowing the American public to believe that Napolitano is the best Obama can do when it comes to protecting American citizens is a dangerous and foolhardy choice.

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