Friday, January 22, 2010

No Recession Here: Plenty of Wilmette Taxpayer Money Being Spent by Park District

Thank Goodness the Wilmette Park District is doing its part to ensure Wilmette taxpayers are spared the pain of living among people who have been adversely affected by economic times! The Wilmette Park District has unveiled its new budget with tons of new spending! There seems to be no shortage of people in Wilmette who want those who might be adversely impacted by high property taxes to leave promptly. And permanently. Is there any greater downer than having a neighbor who complains about property taxes, or--even worse--is suffering due to increasing taxes? No! Having an economically diverse community would never do! Best to ensure that any of those tea party types who might live in town head elsewhere.

Now that the teardown pace has slowed, new and more clever ways need to be dreamed up to rid our fair village of the peril of living among tax complainers. We are lucky that the Park District is doing its part.

The appearance of the municipal spending elves, pictured above just greedily waiting with their wheelbarrows to be filled with taxpayer money, is strictly coincidental.


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