Monday, November 15, 2010

Religion in Style: Hajj via the Mecca Metro

UPDATE: The video is no longer available for embedding: click here to see it at Youtube.

It's Hajj, the special annual pilgrimage for Muslims to go to Mecca. For a few brief days, two and a half million people live in very close proximity. Of course, not every Muslim who wants to go to Hajj can do so due to capacity control, but I thought you would enjoy seeing this short video of a brand new train that brings the ancient custom of pilgrimage smack dab into the 21st century. As you will learn, there are so many people at Hajj, only some are allowed to ride the train. While that might seem to be contrary to the spirit of equality that we are told permeates the Hajj, the limitation is only until the train is finished.

Do enjoy the video, because unless you are a Muslim, and unless things change drastically, Mecca is one place you will never visit in your lifetime. And its likely things will never change, as the Saudi Arabian government bases its ban on the Koran.

While I always enjoy learning about the Hajj, I am grateful to be a Christian, where all people--including those of other faiths--are always welcome, anytime, anywhere.


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