Monday, June 27, 2011

Stunned: I Fought Real Hard

It's over: former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich found guilty on 17 counts of corruption. Hopefully his "public service" career is ended forever.  The overly talkative former governor kept his remarks brief, saying he was stunned by the verdict, and that he hoped people didn't think he let them down because he fought real hard. The Chicago press is carrying on as if someone had maced their dog, and when interviewed, current office holders appeared particularly pious. Kudos to Channel 5 News  who gave long coverage of the press conference of a very tired looking US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.
I have heard that the big contributors to newly elected Rahm Emanuel's campaign now have jobs and contracts, and there are plenty of clues that less egregious but similar behavior which resulted in the downfall of Blago are still common practice. Patrick Fitzgerald invited the public to bring him their stories of corruption.  From the various comments on the Bagojevich verdict, however, it might be safe to say that plenty of Illinois citizens don't think there was much wrong with a Constitutional officer using a public office for private gain, and that is really a shame.


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