Monday, March 27, 2006

Breakfast at the Wilmette Baker's Square

A very bad early-morning experience at Baker's Square today, no doubt a sign of an improved local economy (people with fewer skills getting better jobs). So that's good news for all, except for a person looking for a quick breakfast of eggs and hash browns. After twenty minutes of hunger and thirst, it was explained that you no longer get water unless you ask. That's either "company policy" or "Wilmette Law" depending on whom you choose to believe.

After a half-hour of deprivation, a fairly tasty repast arrived. Too bad that there was what I thought was a hair at the bottom of my eggs. I saved that one. When the waitress asked how the breakfast was, I couldn't keep myself from telling her what I found. The high point of the breakfast was the manager telling me that it was not a hair, but part of a basting brush.

I was so glad to leave I totally forgot they didn't give me my sausage.

Memo to self: Don't go back for four months. By that time, the Corporate Parent will notice sales have noticeably declined, and will take some corrective action. I've been eating there on-and-off for years, and this usually works.

Update memo: June 5, 2006 I couldn't wait the four months and went over to Baker's Square for breakfast this weekend. Good news! No bits of a basting brush, and the breakfast arrived in short order. It may be safe to return.


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