Monday, June 05, 2006

Illinois "Safe Haven" Law

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UPDATE: Victory! Drop off age for a surrendered infant increased from seven to thirty days as of January 1, 2010!

Let's hope Governor Blagojevich signs the amendment to the "Safe Haven" law. This law allows birth mothers to drop a child under the age of seven days at a fire station, hospital emergency room, or police station for the purpose of severing parental rights and allowing the adoption of the infant--no questions asked. Current law states babies must be under 3 days old to drop them off.

There have been too many stories of babies found in dumpsters, trash cans, and other similar locations over the years. The "Safe Haven" law seems to have diminished the number of these stories, and it only seems prudent to increase the drop-off time for a few days.

It is amazing to me that there actually can be opposition to such a bill. Not all babies are wanted, born to moms who can care for a child, or arrive via hospital delivery. Sometimes births are hidden. Let's make it easier for moms in a bad situation to do the right thing, and get that law on the books right away! UPDATE: This law has been passed!

Seeking comprehensive information about Illinois Safe Haven Law or looking for the exact provisions of the law? Click here for a serious-about-saving- babies webpage with links to full text of the law, a summary, and phone numbers to call for further information. The text of the law is easy to read and easy to understand. There are also sample protocols for receiving stations. You will also find links to safe haven laws in other states.


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