Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo
Celebrating a "Day Without a Taco"

Ok, ok. I know you are going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. After all, what's not to like about Mexican Independence? I mean, it's so great that Mexicans risk their lives on a daily basis to celebrate it by dashing over the border. Even Mexicans know that Mexicans Independence hasn't helped much.

Seriously, folks, do you think our guests from Mexico are coming for the weather? I won't bother answering that, but let's make those Cinco de Mayo celebrations saner this year. Here's my suggestions:

1. No tacos. Mexicans not only eat steak, they also like French Cuisine. Honor their independence accordingly.

2. No Dos Equis or Corona. Mexico's great beer is a legacy from German immigrants. So heft a frosty, but make sure it's something from Munich--or maybe St. Louis.

3. No tequila, no margaritas. You think they don't enjoy whiskey in Mexico? Get real. Order a scotch.

4. No Mexican restaurants. Got reservations? Call them up and tell them you'll be showing up manana instead. Wilmette offers plenty of good places to eat.

5. Want to practice your Spanish? Drive on over to White Hen.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

NOTE: Do your part to support "A Day Without A Taco." No Mexican food on May 5, 2006. You can live without it for one day, can't you? No burritos, either. Let your voice be heard and let our guests know that we, too, understand "el boicot." That guy in the big sombrero, pictured above, looks pretty serious, don't you think? He has a point.


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