Monday, July 17, 2006

Wilmette's Ash Trees in Peril

Wilmette has no patience with tree worship, but there is troubling news about local ash trees. If you have been spending any time outdoors lately, you will notice that many local treesl look a little moth eaten. While we may have assumed that is a result of last year's drought, it turns out that it may be even more serious. The emerald ash borer is having its way with our local ash trees, and all the news is bad. The Tribune has the story here.

The Village of Wilmette will start a survey of village ash trees today. I hope that if the trees have to be removed the village won't be requiring permits for that!

Thankfully, retired village forester Don Gustafson spent years working for a wide variety of trees in the village following the nightmares of the Dutch Elm Disease.

Further information from the Village about the trees and the emerald ash borer is here. There is also a contact form so you can write the Village directly.