Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thankful for Wagner Farm

With thankful thoughts occupying our time for the past few days, I've been spending some of that time thinking about gratitude. One beautiful sea of calm on the busy North Shore is nearby Wagner Farm, just a few minutes from Wilmette. Simply head West on Lake Avenue and you will find it, and the cows who live there, right on the corner of Wagner Road. Complete with cows, old tractor, red barn, and farmhouse, it's well worth a trip.

This old farm, which was one of the last in Cook County, Illinois was in peril of disappearing. Thanks to the tireless work of a number of dedicated citizens, Wagner Farm became part of the Glenview Park District. If you have a few minutes this week or this weekend, make sure you drive by. It will refresh your spirit to see this calm oasis from the past.


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