Monday, January 22, 2007

Obama: Lincoln Strategy Losing Strategy

The Barack Obama spin people have been working for quite a while to position him as "the New Lincoln." After all, he's tall and gangly and both have found Illinois to their political taste. Practically twins, right?

Obama has enjoyed a life of priviledge and education that Lincoln could only dream of. Lincoln knew how to survive on the frontier. Obama's biggest test so far has been how to explain away his youthful enjoyment of drugs.

In the Northeast and in the heartland, Lincoln is celebrated as a hero. But in the South, which is only today emerging economically from the "burn and destroy everything" orders given by soldiers serving under Lincoln's command in the American Civil War, this is going to be less than popular.

While Illinois thought they were getting a public servant when they elected Obama, all we ever read here in the Land of Lincoln is where Obama is travelling next in quest for the Presidency. We know that the man who seeks to be seen as "honest Barack" has been to Africa, to Hawaii, and for all I know back for a class reunion at his old Madrassa in Indonesia. But has he been to the South? Does he realize that ol' Abe is not exactly the hero others see him to be? It's hard to think that a senator this green could already be this out of touch.

Clinton 1 Obama 1.


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