Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fie on Wilmette School District 39 Trustees

Yes, fie on the Wilmette District 39 Trustees for persisting to collect bus transportation money for the 2007-2008 months in advance, well before fall, and all in a chunk. Why do they need it before summer even begins? In fact, all that talk about affordable housing is a waste of time; this bus fee collection is a hardship on more financially challenged residents.
Oh yes, see the picture, above? It's a screen shot of the Transportation page from District 39. If you look real hard, you will see a hyperlink: "Go to On-line [sic] Fee Payment Page." If you try that, you will find absolutely no link to where you can pay for the bus. Clever, no?
Do remember that Wilmette bus fees are due by June 8 for next year. And please don't wait till the last day and expect them to be open through the announced office hours. I know one parent who dropped the months-in-advance fee in the door slot the day it was due when the doors were locked up tighter-than-a-drum before the close of business and was charged a late fee penalty. And please, don't think that it might be a nice idea for your children to walk to school unless you walk with them. Depending on your school and where you live, they simply may be unable to cross the streets safely. Somehow, student crossing guards, once known as "patrol boys" seem to have become a NIMBY issue with local educators.
Of course, there isn't any helpful transportation information on the Wilmette Public Schools District 39 web page. Should someone over there in the schools discover this glaring error, correct it, and make a liar out of me I would be delighted. Of course, we are advised by the District 39 mailer that will be available after they send the transportation letter, but it the meantime, is there any reason why they can't also include that information on their web page?


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