Friday, March 09, 2007

Obama's Woes: More trouble in Massachusetts

Two days ago, I wrote about how Illinois Senator-in-absentia Barack Obama's blind trust might have 20/20 vision. Today, the Chicago Tribune reveals even more damaging facts, and notes that "the Illinois senator's explanations and the supporting document leave lingering issues about the selection of the stocks and the timing of their purchase."

Just days ago, news surfaced that Obama paid long-outstanding parking tickets to Cambridge, Massachusetts which dated back to his law school days. Most people could probably excuse a couple of those, but 17? Now it is reported that Obama also is paying both unpaid parking tickets and unpaid taxes to the City of S0merville, Massachusetts. It is troubling that this failture to obey the law ocurred while Obama was in law school in his mid-20's, leading to some real questions about his regard for the law itself. (And no, we won't ask whether Obama revealed those tickets on his character and fitness application to become an Illinois lawyer.)

When we also read that Obama thought of going direct to Warren Buffet for advice on how to invest his $100,000 , we are faced with a presidential candidate who shows lack of judgment, self-importance, and who has a pattern of long disregard for the laws for the country he seeks to lead. Illegal drug use in his youth, a string of parking tickets that only a scofflaw could admire in his young adulthood, and questionable stock deals in maturity don't add up to a man who Americans should send to the White House.

Serious students of Richard Nixon will see a similarity here that should raise a red flag that alerts the American people to "proceed with caution."

At this point, its not worth counting points for Barack and Hillary: she's way ahead.

Update: Today's Sun-Times has a column about Obama's lack of judgment. Click here to read it. Also, Lynn Sweet seems to have recovered from her early days ga-ga over Barack and has some harsh comments on Obama's fundraising. Click here to read it.

Up North, the Canada Free Press is asking some tough questions about Obama's life. Click here to read.

Also, questions emerge about Obama, his wife, and a pickle plant. You can click here for that. I am still scratching my head on how Mrs. Obama makes $65,000 year plus half-again-as-much in stock options from sitting on the board of directors (which is is way less than a part time, parti-time job) of a company that closed its pickle operations in Colorado and an Obama spokeswoman could say "Obama and his wife did not benefit financially from the closing of the plant." Well maybe not much, but that money sure came from somewhere . . . Of course, the compensation received by Mrs. Obama well exceeds the average American annual income. Most people would call that benefitting, don't you think?

Further Update: The AP is reporting that March 11, 2007, that at an interview at a coffee shop on the second day of a weekend visit to Iowa, Obama brushed aside media reports on issues from stock trades to parking tickets. "I was surprised that my parking tickets from 20 years ago got so much attention," Obama said. "But this is part of the vetting process when you're running for the most powerful position on earth, and it's to be expected that things get magnified."Obama said he was confident he would withstand scrutiny. "Fortunately, I feel very comfortable about how I've conducted my life, and I think I will survive the vetting process with flying colors," he said.

Glad he's so comfortable with that. Are you? I'm not.



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