Saturday, March 24, 2007

Salute to Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn

When Illinois' Governor Blago was elected, the only bright spot of hope was the election of Pat Quinn as his Lieutenant Governor. Quinn, a long-time consumer advocate, is kind of wacky guy, taken to tilting at windmills at the slightest provocation. Nevertheless, over the years, he has a good track record for speaking out for the citizens of Illinois, and we are pleased to see that he has found a new cause--defeating Governor Blagojevich's newly proposed "Gross Receipts Tax."

Blagojevich’s "Gross Receipts Tax" is a bad idea, very bad indeed. It will raise the tax burden in Illinois tremendously, and serve to drive out even more businesses out of Illinois, in a state where its largest county is losing population.

Every thinking person knows this tax is a lousy idea, and just one more attempt by Governor Rod to make Illinois citizens creatures of the state rather than its masters. We were pleased to see that Quinn is speaking out against this proposed massive tax increase. We wish him well, and thank him. Let's hope that tax is soundly defeated for the future of Illinois!


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