Monday, June 18, 2007

Supermarket 2.0: Making Shopping User Friendly

What if you went shopping and the store was like the Internet--would that be goofy or what? I discovered a video--actually a short-short movie-- that should give you a real chuckle. You will hear allusions to blog comments, Amazon the Internet bookseller, Pandora radio, and many more. Warning! This is a very foreign production and there is an absolutely teeth jarring pronunciation of "Quaker" (as in Chicago's own Quaker Oats and as in Quakr a web 2.0 app, which was an advanced joke I didn't get. There's also a joke about water, and I didn't get that either.)

Click here to watch the move at, and see how many allusions you can catch!

h/t Dina Mehta, via her blog.


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