Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Hogzilla 2," the Giant Feral Hog is Just "Fred."

In Alabama they love hunting, tall tales, and fooling gullible outsiders in no particular order, so it isn't surprising that global coverage of a news story of a giant hog, supposedly killed by 11 year old Jamison Stone came from this mostly rural southern state. Just last week, Alabama talk shows were carefully explaining that the size of the monster-sized feral pig was due to living near the catfish farms that dot the state, and some special fish feed with hormones for fast growth. (Jameson is pictured above, this time with a giant rabbit, not a hog.)

While the details of Jameson's hunt were a little sketchy, his dad put up a special website with details, and that website continues to change as the hog story grows ever taller. The boy was scheduled for fame on a morning talk show until questions began to surface about whether the story was real. After an early story emerged, Rob Nelson, from Sunnyvale, California put a link on the Internet showing how the original picture, featured on Drudge Report, had been manipulated.

At the moment, it's beginning to look a lot as if Hogzilla 2 is simply good, old Fred.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sad story. Poor Fred the "monster hog" fell victim to the horror of canned hunts.

Jun 5, 2007, 10:24:00 AM  
Blogger Publia said...

The story of a botched hunt is sad; the story of the photoshop, the hype, the possible link to the newly planned movie about Hogzilla I is much lighter in content. We like animals pretty well here at Wilmette and treating them properly matters deeply. The HSUS post is an excellent one, and I recommend it for another very valid perspective on the story.

Jun 5, 2007, 11:06:00 PM  

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