Sunday, July 15, 2007

Obama: Not a Peace Candidate

Aghast! Pictured above is a picture of the region where Presidential candidate Barack Obama wants to send US troops.
Illinois' Senator-in-Absentia, Barack Obama, doesn't yet have the experience to be suited for the Presidency, and runs a campaign marked by mistakes that characterize a campaign of someone not yet ready for prime time. Nevertheless, Obama is popular, and one reason for that is that he has positioned himself as a "peace candidate."
So much for peace. Obama's latest rhetoric, reveals that he wants to move the troops, not bring them home. It appears that his interest is to expand the war, giving up in Iraq, and shifting American military to the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In fact, three years ago he spoke about a possible need to initiate missle strikes into Iran and Pakistan.
I am sure that in the days to come there will be a great deal of analysis of Obama's proposal. In the meantime, since this isn't a political blog, here's a link to Baloch revolutionary songs of the Baloch people from a website banned in Pakistan and a recent poem from Peshawar to give you a flavor of the region.
The Pakistan-Afghanistan border is a tough area, filled with fierce, warlike local leaders; drug traffic; narcotics users, etc. The British were whipped there as were the Russians, and even humanitarian charities are unable to gain access.


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