Monday, August 06, 2007

Illinois State Fair: August 10-19, 2007

I love the poster of the butter cow, above, from an earlier Illinois State Fair. This year's fair will take place from August 10-19, 2007 in Springfield. Budget or no budget, we are assured that yes, there will be a fair, complete with this year's butter cow. The cow will be officially unveiled at 2:00 pm, Thursday.

This weekend, after ending up in the middle of a cornfield--rather than the restaurant where I was headed--using driving directions from Google, I wonder if there's a bus over to the fair from the Amtrack station in Springfield. You might think that with all the carrying on about global warming there might be some information on that on the Fair's website, but no. There is a daily schedule though, and it looks as if there is plenty of fun of the whole family.

Update: It's Thursday lunchtime, and there is word that there will be a live cam for the butter cow, just click here. I was unable to see the cow--probably because it hasn't been unveiled yet--but I am hopeful for a bird's eye view of the buttery bovine.

Further Update: Its Saturday morning, and I still can't see the butter cow. Try clicking here for rotating cams at the Illinois State Fair that seem to be working. Also, I called the State Fair, and yes, you can take the bus there from the Amtrak Station. Click here for details.


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