Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wilmette French Market Update

I went over to the Wilmette Farmer's Market (French Market) this morning and bought a sticky bun from the Mennonites. I think it was 3 days old. Several weeks ago, I bought some bread from Bennison's at the Farmer's Market, and it was old, too.

Day old bread used to be sold at half-price, and if you ever tried any it was better than the bun which cost $1.50. I am making the firm resolve to buy only from the nuns at the Societe de Notre Dame booth, whose baked goods are properly fresh and quite delicious. It also helps support their charities.

Wilmette isn't doing much to regulate that the produce is all farm raised. Have you ever heard of limes from Wisconsin? Really.

I know that the Evanston and Skokie markets are far better regulated, so if you are looking for locally grown produce only, I would recommend them. On the other hand, the French Market is fun as it features more than food products. It's also small, and easy to park there. Some of the fruits and vegetables are very, very good and fresh, but its strictly a situation of caveat emptor.


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