Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Vacation - First Stop Düsseldorf

For my vacation, I flew from Chicago to Frankfurt and took the train to Düsseldorf. I wanted to see the Königsallee, pictured above, the famous shopping street. I don't think there were any fancy boutiques there that we don't have right on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, but it was someplace new to see. Since I didn't need a purse costing 500 or 5,000 euro, I ended up mostly sightseeing.

To the left, the latest fashion. I think its too Teutonic for Chicago, and I can't figure out why you would go for the warmth of a large animal pelt around your neck while wearing short sleeves. While the mannequin doesn't seem to have any hair, the German women do. Any American woman will love travelling in Germany, because for the basic American, her hair on a bad hair day will look far better than the average German on a good hair day. Maybe that's why so many women sport very mannish styles. Or perhaps that is due to something else. I wanted to take some pictures of their hair, but then I decided that would be very rude. It's worth a trip just to see their hair. There is a very big market there, just waiting to be tapped. That is, if they notice. Well, at least its not like Paris, which is never a good place to visit for the female ego, unless you are pretty good looking, maybe like Paris Hilton, remember her?

When it started getting dark, I headed over to the Galeria Kaufhof, a big German department store, pictured to the right. It sort of looks like Marshall Field's (RIP) in Chicago, but I don't think the building is as pretty and there's no clock. In fact, a lot of Germany looks like Chicago, and the countryside doesn't look so different either. There are lots of Kaufhof stores around Germany, and without exception they keep the temperature in them really high, so there is a major discomfort level whenever you visit. Prices are far better here in the USA.

They had some nice flowers on the parkway in a little green space. They looked pretty good, because it was dreary out due to the rain. Because of the rain, some of my pictures came out too dark. I used Picasa to lighten them a little.


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