Friday, January 04, 2008

After Iowa, its Back to the Animals

After Iowa, we are so back to blogging about the animals.

Above is an elk in Estes Park during the rutting season. He was pretty mangy looking, but that's how elks look in the fall. The elk make a terrible noise, click here for the short version of the elk bugling, and here for the longer version. Sometimes they keep you up all night, but I guess that's the joy of travel.

Any similarity with what you heard in Iowa is merely coincidental.

(Analysis of method Democrats use to caucus direct from Iowa, along with a sad, but not touching, story involving a lawn spreader)


Blogger El Rider said...

I was lucky enough to spend some time outside of Rocky Mountain National Park hiking some state land that only locals know how to access. While sitting among all of that beauty the woman I was with asked about my favorite place in the world, my utterly honest response was New York City. Sometimes honesty is just plain stupid but I would probably respond the same way today. I also had to explain the intricacies of the Stanley Steamer steam powered automobiles to the bewildered, there is an example in the lobby of the old Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The hotel is alleged to be haunted.

Jan 4, 2008, 11:57:00 AM  
Blogger Publia said...

We were unable to see much of the park it; was mid September and it snowed and the upper roads were closed. I should have gone in to see the Stanley Steamer; I saw the Stanley Hotel outside, but wanted to see more of the Park. We got a private guide, so that helped, seeing that so much was closed. We took a shuttle to and from Denver airport and the drivers were so bad that we were very, very damaged from the experience. I am only now--over a year later--able to look at the pictures. There were aspects of the long weekend from Hell here, but I did like the Elk.

New York is pretty exciting but a little loud. I haven't gone in years and I suppose I should do that.

Jan 4, 2008, 1:21:00 PM  

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