Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Cartoon Protests as Denmark Defends Free Speech

Those contraversial cartoons have been republished in Denmark, and "youths" in Demmark have been rioting for five days. In Multan, Pakistan, evidence that protesters are speaking to the West can be seen in the picture above, where the slogans are mostly in English. Elections in Pakistan are Monday, and this protest appears to be a political party rally, with party flags flying freely and the name of the party emblazoned across the bottom of the banner.

With the original cartoonist under serious death threats, any signs that advocate death are more than troubling. Chants calling for death are even worse. Nevertheless, the strong reaction of the West--and in particular its bloggers--against the riots of two years ago may be beginning to pay off. You will note that the sentiment on the large banner is that the government should take what are legal actions. That, folks, is rule of law, something that Pakistan is having a very hard time learning.

Of course, we would note that this protest also included plenty of burning of flags and effigies. What we are wondering is why the government of Pakistan seems to think this protest is fine, while tear-gassing and using water cannons against lawyers who have been protesting for restoration of the pre-Emergency judiciary.



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