Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's Just Can the Long Needed Talk on Race, or Maybe Let's Just Can Obama

"I can no more disown him [Jeremiah Wright] than I can my own grandmother . . ." -Barack Obama

A few weeks ago when Barack Obama made his speech about race and religion, the MSM couldn't get in line fast enough to applaud its brilliance. "How clever to toss your white grandma under the bus and defend your hate-spewing black minister; this discussion on race is just what is needed!" the op-ed writers said. At the time, I was sure that there are some things just better off left unsaid, and sure enough I was right. Anyone notice the decline in the tenor of our public dialogue lately?

Goofy minister Jeremiah Wright has had his say. Yes, he is outrageous, and clearly he enjoys that, spewing far left wing cant, race-baiting and hatred, and excusing his anti-American tripe as the "black church's way." It's getting bad enough that even some black ministers are worried, lest others start questioning whether the "black church" has anything to do with religion at all. All-in-all, Jeremiah Wright ends up being the poster child for free speech. Has he not failed completely in the marketplace of ideas?

I am not too worried about Jeremiah Wright--I am sure God has his eye on him as does the rest of the country--but Barack Obama? Was he asleep in the pew ever time he went to church? Did he go to church at all? What gives? Barack Obama was mad yesterday. He said his wife was mad. Let's make this perfectly clear. Rev. Wright hasn't suddenly transformed himself from a humble, God-fearing, love-preaching religious servant into the act we have seen this week. Wright has been living large and talking big for a long, long time.

We'll stick to our original view that Obama is the bigger nutcase than Wright. Wright served Obama well, giving him a title for his latest book and allowing Obama look like a serious man who viewed life through pious glasses. Its a real trick to convince others that narcissism is piety, and both Wright and Obama have mastered that.

But if I were Wright, I'd be a little angry myself, After all, Barack Obama used Wright's words to name his book "Audacity of Hope," and I'm sure that its title helped Obama make the money he did from it. But what about Obama? He has spent a lot of time talking about church, but is it all talk? Has he slept through the sermon on a regular basis? Has he gone to his church at all? Jeremiah Wright is not singing any new song, and there is ample evidence of that fact. Is Obama's outrage simply because it turns out what Rev. Wright has to say isn't--surprise!-- playing well in mainstream America?

It's time to throw the MSM under the bus, can that "long-needed talk on race" and return to less analysis rather than more. Or maybe its just time to can Barack Obama.


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