Friday, April 04, 2008

New Blogger Questions Obama's Tax Policy, Views on Education

The other day I found an email in my inbox from David E, a reader in New Jersey who has a great interest in Barack Obama's tax policy and the calculations on Obama's house's tax bill. While I have not followed the specifics of Sen. Obama's proposals, he has, and he's worried.

Since David had clearly spent a great deal of time on what he wrote, and basically had already written a blog post in his letter to me, I suggested that he simply start a blog. He did, and you might like to go see it for a new and different view. Two items are notable. First, his analysis of Obama Tax Policy, and second, a very different view on education. Specifically, David writes
For the first four years of my schooling, I went to school with a lot
of black children. So I have four more years of going to school with black
children and studying black history than you do. Was I disadvantaged because of
this? Not in the least. You went to some fancy private school for wealthy white
kids and now you look down your nose at the rest of us.

Interesting, no? Do go visit David E's Look and welcome David as a new blogger willing to add his thoughts to the marketplace of ideas.


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