Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Two Tech Finds Promise Exciting Future

We usually leave tech reports to those in the know, but two great tech stories out today really warrant your attention.

First is an email tool, "Custom Time," that allows you to backdate limited emails sent to others, for when it absolutely, positively has to be there yesterday (or last year). Available--so far--only at Gmail.

The second tech find builds on a theme that has grown ever more popular over the years--space travel! From an early look, it appears that potentially thousands of internet users will be working on this, so if leaving earth doesn't appeal to you, you still can be part of this exciting effort by working in a support function online. While these out-of-this-world experiences have usually been limited to the super wealthy, a prize is offered as a reward to early entrants. You will, however, have to fill out a questionnaire.


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Happy April Fools Day!

Apr 1, 2008, 5:35:00 PM  

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