Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama's Healing Oceans, Kennedy's Camelot, and Rezko's Combine

Following his anti-Hillary diatribe and after having been tossed under the bus by Barack Obama, Father Pfleger has been sent on sabbatical, Cardinal George telling him to "cool it" for a couple of weeks. Pfleger's parish is really angry, putting pressure on the good Cardinal to restore their priest immediately. The Cardinal, being no dummy, has appointed Mayor Daley's in-law, Father Vanecko, to the church temporarily. How clever is that? A Daley relative, with the political skills of that clan, won't be making any controversial statements from St. Sabina's. (I assume that Father Vanecko is the brother in law of the old Mayor Daley's daughter, Mary Carol, based on comments in the press.)

Meanwhile, Trib columnist John Kass comments on the Rezko verdict:

"As most adults know but pretend otherwise, Obama is backed by the Daleys of Chicago, yet he's run a personality-cult campaign tied to the idea that he's the archangel of political reform. The national story line has been all about Camelot and Obama as the boy king, knighted by Ted Kennedy, a story too full of mist to be believed except by children. Yet finally, with the Rezko verdict, the focus is on the real Chicago, not the fairy tale."

Is the rest of the nation ready for Chicago politics played out on the national stage? The oceans are healing now, unaffected by The Combine. Can the rest of the nation seriously believe that a state whose former governor is in prison and whose current governor is looking really, really scared, send an agent of reform to the Potomac?

In a clever move, Obama attempts to provide a morning-after distraction to the Rezko verdict, announcing that he is thinking of Caroline Kennedy as his vice-president. I'll bet the nation eats it up. Chicago politics, crooked as they may be, are more entertaining than the best reality show.

Meanwhile, Dan Proft challenges Obama to call Trinity UCC back after their break-up, and work it out.

Update: I see Barack Obama's plane, but am not healed from my cold . . .


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