Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ethical Problems for Candidate Dan Seals

We would note that the Chicago Tribune has not yet endorsed Congressional Candidates for the general election in Illinois 10th Congressional District. That fact apparently doesn't bother Dan Seals, candidate in the 10th Congressional District one bit. Seals, a newcomer to Chicago's North Shore and a citizen of the neighboring 9th Congressional District, is featuring a large picture from the Trib on the front page of his campaign website, implying that the Trib has bestowed its blessings upon him for November. That picture is, in fact, a left-over from the primary, and has nothing to do with the upcoming election. With Seals' website featuring pictures from the Fourth of July, Seals can't use the lame excuse that his website simply hasn't been updated.

Seals, who boasts a string of ill-advised campaign stunts, has long been seen as a devotee of resume padding. His latest insult on the intelligence of the voters whom he asks to support him, while predictable, is not only ill-advised, it is unethical. While his attempt to pull a quick one on casual Internet visitors is bold, the growing issue of Seals' honesty and integrity remains troubling.


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