Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After the People's Bailout Victory it's Time to Sing

It's been a very tiring week as far as the news goes, and its only Tuesday. It's probably time to take a little time out to enjoy a simple diversion such as singing. El Rider found an interesting tune sung by a group of children, that Drudge linked to today and was headlined as a song for "Dear Leader," Barack Obama. "Dear Leader" is, of course, the official title given to Kim Jong Il around the time the North Korean government began building a personality cult patterned after that of his father, the "Great Leader".

We have a song to offer about Barack Obama, too, one that we just found. We are dedicating it to the Obama truth squad members who seem to show up here lately on a regular basis to say something insulting in the comments. While I can't understand the point of that as I would think they would want to win me to their side, I hope they enjoy this song which is the exact tune as the old national anthem of the USSR. I hope everybody enjoys it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly appear to have an affinity for totalitarian collectivist movements of late. I guess that is not surprising since you presume to speak for all of Wilmette in promoting your agenda.

Recall that it has been a Republican administration that has nationalized the finance capital sector of the economy and a Republican secretary of the Treasury that proposed a bailout sufficiently large to fund the purchase of all the mortgages currently in distress in America - not Obama, not Seals, not the Democrats, but the Republicans.

Our representative, Mark Kirk, supported the bailout, voted for the bailout, and will vote for the revised bailout package that will pass later this week.

As to insulting comments, how can someone as old and wise as you be insulted by anything? With truth on your side, why be concerned with anything that is posted that deviates from your perspective?

The Obama truth squad has far better things to do than concern itself with you. Obama's interests are best served by having you continue to exercise you first amendment rights to the fullest and thus communicating to all of your many visitors the depth of Republican thinking in Wilmette.

I am just a local resident of Wilmette who has lived here a long time and who gets tired of the arrogance of others who believe they know all and can direct others accordingly, all the while betraying their own racism, bias, elitism, and unwillingness to think about anything in terms other than slogans. I live in Wilmette too and you do not represent me!

Sing about the "people's bailout victory"?? Why not? It beats trying to figure out what to actually do about a real crisis! But you have never been interested in that anyway.

Oct 1, 2008, 11:01:00 AM  
Blogger El Rider said...

Wow, there must be some anonymous people in Wilmette without much to do. "(A)ll the while betraying their own racism, bias, elitism, and unwillingness to think about anything in terms other than slogans. I live in Wilmette too and you do not represent me!" Wait a minute Publia, does this person think that you are some sort of representative? The person is also strangely calling you a racist, wtf? I've been reading your blog for a few years and I challenge this person to point out the racism, what a bogus charge. Pathetic, weak thinkers do that. The commenter apparently does not know that I was the conservative who threatened to run in the 10th Congressional Democratic Primary on the JFK platform (lower taxes) with the added bonus of actually having lived in the 10th District. Call me jealous. Of course the 10th District Democrats nominated a guy (Dan Seals) who wasn't even smart enough to be able to read a congressional district map when he moved to the 9th Congressional District. That Seals kid is a regular Rand McNally. Btw, the band the Decemberists start their concerts with the anthem of the USSR, how hip is that? I mean like the Soviet anthem, that is so radical, gulags or not.

Oct 1, 2008, 12:26:00 PM  
Blogger Publia said...

You are right, anonymous, truly self-actualized human beings should never feel insulted, even if they are the target of insulting remarks.

And El Rider, we need to pick up some Che T-shirts. They might end up being as good as internal passports if current trends continue. Totalitarian chic is so hip on the political circuit these days . . .

Now that I seem to been elevated to the Czar of all Wilmette I am glad you noticed that we don't tolerate any racist material. After all, it's best if self-appointed leaders (including those taking power through acclamation) take their duties seriously and speak for all the people.

I keep seeing that Seals ad on TV and every time I see it I start out thinking that it's an ad for Mark Kirk. I can't imagine how Seals never picked up on that one.

While I was deeply disappointed about your decision not to pursue your candidacy in the Democratic primary, I do understand that the reports of wheat smuggling in Asia might have required that you pay closer attention to business.

Oct 1, 2008, 1:39:00 PM  

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