Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seals TV Message: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

The only change that Dan Seals, Congressional Candidate from Illinois 10th District, is going to take to Washington is the message how good life can be when you are a corrupt Illinois politician. In a state that seems to now be routinely sending its Governors to prison for their honesty and fair dealing, Dan Seas will bring genuine corruption know how to Washington. Compared to honest Congressman, Mark Kirk, that will definately be a change.

Guess it makes sense when Seals chooses Bob Creamer to train his staff (two felonies), Terry Link to organize his campaign (campaign indicted), Lauren Beth Gash to organize outside support (two huge FEC fines) and more. Dan even watched Tammy Duckworth break the Illinois ban on using state cars for campaigning at his own event.



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