Friday, October 03, 2008

Americans are the Winners in the Palin Biden Debate

Last night I dug my moose-hide loafers out of the closet, popped on some elephant jewelry and a campaign button, and headed over to a Palin Biden Debate party. It was a large gathering of mostly women, and everybody was hoping that Sarah Palin would get her groove back after a couple of really bad interviews. We weren’t disappointed. Sarah Palin showed herself to be a capable running mate and an articulate spokesperson for John McCain. Joe Biden spent his time talking the Democrat talk, showing the diplomacy and polish one would expect from his long years in the nation’s most prestigious legislative body. After the debate, Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin seemed to enjoy meeting each other and chatting, and I was left with the impression that both these candidates not only like people but were also curious about each other. Moderator Gwen Ifill, after being soundly chastised for a conflict of interest with a book that is about to be published, was on her best behavior as well. All in all, there were good feelings all round, reminding us that politics can be both civilized and respectful while articulating opposing viewpoints.

Everyone at the party was delighted that Gov. Palin did so well, including me. Due to the good behavior of both candidates, I was reminded that politics should be the art of solving our countries problems despite opposing viewpoints, and not a way of dividing the people, whether it be along race, class, or gender lines, or any other way that Americans can be characterized for personal political gain.

Both Vice-Presidential candidates have track records of bi-partisan cooperation, and there is a lot Washington could learn from their civility and good will. When people can debate in an atmosphere of respect and dignity, the real winner is not either of the participants, but our Country and the American people.


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