Friday, December 26, 2008

Painting for the Second Day of Christmas

I always enjoy the art on Christmas cards, and have a door where I put up the cards we have received so we can look at them over the holidays. This year I seemed to reach a new low in the Christmas cards I send out. Usually I go to one store where they have great cards, but I didn't find any good ones this year and was anxious to buy cards before I went off to the Christmas markets. I got my cards from a display at Wallgreen's that said Hallmark, but there were a number of different brands there. They looked pretty good to me because I was in hurry, and I liked the idea that it was an assortment. Although they had some nice gold on them, there was also some glitter. The glitter started falling all over the table when I addressed them, and I can't imagine how much that will aggravate the people I sent them to. If you were one, I really apologize.

Today I am celebrating the second day of Christmas, and decided to post a few Christmas pictures over the next few days. This picture is by an unknown master of the Cologne School. I wish I had been able to find some cards with this picture; it would have been a great improvement.


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